Hi, I'm Kayla.

I am a Colorado based wedding photographer, living to capture authentic love stories and the warm-hearted in-betweens. I love being outside, surrounded by ethereal beauty. I love Jesus, thrifting, traveling, learning, poetry, anything vintage, fashion, and being surrounded by people I love.

I've always had a thing for looking in from the outside. I love watching the way people interact with each other -- how they light up when certain people are near or how they laugh a little bit differently when their souls trust the people around them. There is nothing quite like human connection. It's raw, it's emotional, it's real. I've fallen in love with the process of making these moments come to life in a tangible way. I love being able to capture that extra spark in your eye when you glance at your soulmate with pure love, the belly laughter of the inside jokes that no one else will ever understand, the sweetness of a mom or dad passing off their daughter to a new, covenant relationship.

Love is special. There are some moments that your heart will remember more than your mind and it is my greatest joy to walk alongside you to capture them.