I think we can all agree that 2020 changed SO MUCH in almost every category of life, but especially in the wedding industry. Remember when the term eloping would have made your parents gasp? Well -- not anymore.

Eloping is no longer this taboo, rebellious concept, but one of intention and intimacy. 2021 is a whole new world! Every couple I've photographed that has decided to ditch tradition and go the elopement route has never looked back. In fact, if I could convince everyone to elope, I would -- and I'm here to tell you why. I hope by the end of this blog you'll love them as much as I do and even consider it for yourself.

Here are a few reasons why you should elope in 2021:

  1. Experiencing such a special day with the people who TRULY mean most to you is a game changer. That could mean it's just the two of you, or it could mean including your closest friends and family. (PSA -- YES -- you can bring other people along with you on your elopement experience!!) There's no obligatory guest list or awkward "babe, who is that again?" as you make your rounds. You get to share it with the people who are truly and deeply invested in your marriage and will be for the long haul. This makes the experience extremely intimate in a way that hundreds of people you may or may not know might not.
  2. If tradition makes you cringe, then kick it out the window! If the classic wedding day makes you feel boxed in or overwhelmed -- then don't do it! By eloping, you get to choose exactly what you want to do that day. Fill it with things that make you guys YOU. If you want to go on a hike that morning, do it! If you want to have a slow morning together drinking tea, do it! If you want to go sky diving, do it! If you want to pop some champagne right after saying "I do", pop it! The whole day and experience is yours to include what you feel is necessary for you and your person.
  3. Did someone say TRAVEL? The possibilities are endless to choose where to elope and get epic photos. Where is special to you two? Or somewhere you've always wanted to go? You could choose where you wanted to honeymoon at and stay after the elopement! The sky is the limit, and let me just say -- THIS WORLD IS BEAUTIFUL. Take advantage of it!!
  4. CHA CHING -- eloping is SO much cheaper than a traditional wedding. Remember that guest gift you spent hundreds on? Well, hate to break it to ya, but your guests probably don't either. Spend money on the things that actually matter -- your dream destination, your dream dress, your dream florals, your dream photographer, etc. After all is it YOUR day.
  5. Lastly, you simply don't have to worry about what everyone else thinks of your decisions, planning, venue, caterers, etc. Or how family members say the timeline of the day should go. Or really anything at all. Goodbye stress overload! And for all you wanting to celebrate somehow with your friends and family, throw a reception/party when you return! It can be as casual or grand as you'd like, because we are letting go of the wedding mold after all.


Should you elope? Up to you of course, but now you know how awesome and special it is. If you're looking for someone to make that dream elopement of yours come to life - contact me and let's dream together.